These aren’t your normal nuts!

Carolina Nut specializes in unique flavored nuts, flavored peanuts, spicy nuts and candied nuts. Gently hand-roasted and completely covered with seasonings, each of our flavored peanuts are hand crafted in Henderson, North Carolina. They are a true gourmet food delight.

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Feature Products:

Sriracha Ranch Peanuts
Fresh, jumbo peanut in with mild, sweet heat fused with cool, refreshing ranch.


Dill Pickle Peanuts
Delicious dill flavored peanuts pack a salty vinegar punch with a hint of garlic. These peanuts add zip to snack time!

smokey-mozzarellaSmokey Mozzarella Peanuts
Traditional wood-smoked flavors enhance the classic taste of mozzarella.

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